The Purpose of Healing is

To Set People Free

Begin Your Journey to Happiness

Have you ever had a sudden emotional outburst? Accumulated emotions can erupt suddenly and leave you feeling broken. Most of us choose to suppress emotions, conceal vulnerability and push through obstacles that leave us feeling worn out. We don't allow ourselves to relax because we have responsibilities and bills to pay. We also feel the need to be the best workers / husbands / wives / parents / children. We all get tired and vulnerable. Those sudden outbreaks occur because we’ve endured too much emotional pain for too long. Deep down we are scared that this world will eat us alive. Is that you? 

Suppressed emotions need to find a way out before they present as physical symptoms. This can include insomnia, anxiety, overeating, addictions such as alcohol / smoking / drugs / gaming, irritability, and other life challenges. Do any of these sound familiar?

We sustain psychological injuries more often than physical ones. These can cause limiting self-beliefs in response to  failure, rejection and/or loneliness. We allowed our body to have control over our minds. It’s time to use the power of the mind to heal yourself.


One of the  ways to break a pattern is to find where the originating trauma happened and heal what needs to be healed in order to grow. Sri Bhagavan said “The absence of love is the root cause of all problems”. We can end the vicious cycle and even re-write our destiny so we can be free from suffering and live the life we deserve.


We’re taught to think logically and rationally. No one teaches us how to listen to our inner voice. Let's connect the mind, body, and spirit to discover the buried trauma that wants to be healed. 

Vivian Pene

2012/12/21 is the date of the apocalypse, according to the Mayan calendar.

Today the world still goes on

even though I lost my dad,

who was my life.

I learned to use my body, mind and soul to heal myself.

In the process of self-healing,

special gifts were activated.

Through sharing my stories, I hope to help more people find the courage to heal. 

It's more simple than we believe,

to be happy.


I had a very good session with Vivian. I worked with her on tense muscles and pain. Vivian is very professional, empathetic and thoughtful. She was able to adapt the session to my needs to make it even more comfortable. I learned about the emotional component of my pain and tension and working through that brought a great relief emotionally and physically. I can now realize when those emotions come up and help myself not to get caught in old patterns. I learned good methods to bring into my daily life. Thank you for this experience. The recognition of the emotional aspect of my issue was especially valuable for me and I certainly learned for life.