Bring True Smile from The Heart 

One Step At a Time


Never thought becoming a therapist, now I can tell the world “I’m helping people to heal from trauma, to find themselves and to love themselves. I’m a happy healer and therapist!” Being happy most of time for most of people are like dreams and getting harder and farther away. Depression, insomnia, unhealthy relationships, huge life and work stress, fatigue, chronic pain…etc, how many issues above do you have?


Before 2012 I was unhappy and felt so lost. I could tell you lots of things I didn’t like then. In the past years I learn to listen my inner voice and be true to myself. I'm more aware of what I want and respect my true feeling. Of course it took a lots of efforts to come this far. Remember there are always gifts behind the pain; it's just like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. I have a group of butterflies dancing in my garden. How many do you have?

Being true to yourself and others requires great courage and it doesn’t mean you will never have any difficulties or pain in life. Instead of resist with pain and suffering, you are simply choose to surrender yourself to the highest wisdom with mind opened - relaxed and accepting whatever presents right in front of you.


Friends noticed my changes and asked what I did to become so positive and happy. Simple answer is "open your heart, allow things to happen without judgement and resist, and accept who I really am, even it’s not perfect!" There were lots of tears and heart-broken stories behind it but it's totally worthy it. And it would be much easier if having someone to guide me.

​We can’t change others but ourselves; therefore I’ve started to share my stories and help friends around me. Friends were inspired, healed and even encourage me to offer same kind of help to the others, so people can benefit as well. All I want to say to you is it's never too late to change and become a better version of yourself.

I’ve learnt Kundalini yoga, channeling guardian angels , sound healing, Mayan calendar, Qigong, Quantum Touch, Reiki, hypnotherapy and Life Centered Therapy and so on. In the journey of healing myself, I become happier, calmer, more peaceful and feel lighter, which also open my intuitive gifts - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and fully empower myself as a sensitive or an empath. It ignites my enthusiasm for healing other people.  

Vivian Pene

My intuition becomes my best friend in daily life and healing sessions. I incorporate my intuition with all techniques I've learnt. My goal is to help them through trauma and to release unhappy thought, restrictive beliefs, addictions, fear, emotional disorders ...etc. At the same time we transform and establish a new positive perspective. This transformation is a natural process. When your perspective changes, your feelings and reactions will change accordingly. No exception, and it will become better!