Bring True Smile from The Heart 

One Step At a Time


I’m grateful I have my dream job, something I’m passion about and make my life meaningful. Everyday waking up I'm excited for my new adventure by meeting new people and let the life unfold. I never know what the surprise would be there for me, even it's painful experience.

This job I can help myself, improve my relationship with family and friends, make me grow and be happy all the time. The best part is I can use what I learned and knew to help others.

How does it get any better than this?

Becoming a therapist wasn't my plan, now I could say “I’m helping people heal, grow and be themselves!” I’ve been helping my clients heal traumas through finding their limited beliefs. I’m also supporting them to change those beliefs and old behaviors that no longer serve them. So they can see what keep them away from having a life they want. And make confident decisions by knowing what matters to them most

I wasn’t always like this! 

The Story of Vivian

I was unhappy, lost, lonely, and disconnected with people and the Universe. I had many broken relationships and trusted nobody. I felt some parts of me were missing but had no idea of what it was. Can you relate to that?

Happiness was an unreachable dream to me. I felt frustrated, depressed and stressed. I couldn't sleep well. I complained everything in my life. I struggled and tried so hard every day. I thought "IF I met Mr. Right; IF I had a successful career, IF I had close friends, IF ( you fill in the blank ) Then my life would get better; then I’d be happy!

The truth was I still wasn’t happy even when I had those things in my life. 

In 2012 I lost my dad; the one I admired and loved, and had a love-hate relationship with. Losing him made me think “Do I want to live this way for the rest of my life ?” “Is it even possible to be happy ?”

It seemed simple; but felt impossible. I wanted to be happy, but why is this so damn hard? Am I ungrateful? I had so many good things in my life; WHY did I still feel so lost and unhappy? Is something wrong with me? 

What Did I Do to Become Who I'm Today?

I read books, scrutinized my beliefs, learned different modalities, took courses, saw therapists. Day bay day, week by week, I kept at it.

The key to to become who I'm today is to keep challenging my thoughts and beliefs, and make new choices over and over. If I don't like my current status, then make another new choice, rather than waiting outside circumstances change. And I'm still doing it.....

I had to let it go the OLD me, so the NEW me can arise. It's not easy but worthy it because I have power now to design my life and make the way I want it.

Do you want to live by default or design? The choices is always yours.

I realized all the disasters, traumas and dramas I had prepared me to built my inner strength, to love myself and to have compassion to myself.

About the part of me was missing, it's was ME - the REAL, authentic me. The intimate relationship with myself. Not the ME people expect me to do or be, or the ME I created and wanted people to believe - independent, strong, unbreakable and needed no one.

My healing journey gave me nutrition and strength so I could relate to my clients’ feelings, struggles and challenges. So I have compassion for others and the tools to support them through their healing journeys. We can only give to others something we have. I can't give you love if I don't love myself. I've become much much stronger in this area, and I'm still learning to love myself more and more .......

My life still has challenges and ups and downs like everyone else, but I’m not afraid to face them. I have the courage to overcome my fear with support from my loving family, friends and the Universe.

I know what it’s like to be in the dark, feeling hopeless and helpless.

The Insights I Learned

My Questions to You Are .....

“Do you want to Be You ?”

“Everything can change and anything is possible. Will you choose it?

The World Needs that Very Special Gift that Only You Have.

And It’s All Starts With You ~ Being You ~

Vivian Pene

Vivian Pene

My intuition becomes my best friend in daily life and healing sessions. I incorporate my intuition with all techniques I've learnt. My goal is to help people through trauma and to release unhappy thought, addictions, restrictive beliefs, fear, emotional disorders ...etc. At the same time we transform and establish a NEW positive perspective.


This transformation is a natural process. When your perspective changes, your feelings and reactions will change accordingly. No exception, and you will become happier and better!