An Open Mind & Heart

Willing to open the heart
and to face problems in life.

Willing to try, experience and understand the subconscious.


Healing and magic will only happen when you're ready for it!!!

Explore The Inner World

The person knows exactly what they say

and how they feel.

My role is to guide the clients bypassing their logic, analytic and thinking mind.

Find out what we truly desire.

Many secrets are hidden in the body.

Through body sensations  to

explore subconscious minds.

Be Patient With Yourself

Have self-compassion and self-love

to yourself, like treating

your kids and pets.

Old patterns and habits are

not formed in a day. 

It takes time to reprogram and rewire our brains with

new habits, behaviors and patterns.

Yellow And White Flowers


Relax and Connect Mind, Body and Spirits.

Just relax and trust your intuitions and feelings;

follow the therapist’s guidance.

When you have any feelings or thoughts,

share it completely without second guessing.

Do not constrain how you feel and think;

or limit the dialogue in any direction.

Allow your feeling to flow and let the heart guides you, 

you can easily connect with your subconscious.

By doing this, I can help you to go through the

difficulties and traumas you have had in the past.
And this will be your special experience

to recreate or rebuild your life.

Berry Branches