Life Center Therapy is a psychospiritual, mindbody, energetic framework of healing and transformation. It's not only release the pain and anxiety but also find the root cause of the initial trauma. Returning to the most primitive traumatic experience allows us to heal, transform the wounds and remove the mental obstacles. It even breaks the old behavioral patterns that we has been unconsciously repeating in life. Therefore any similar situation happens in the future, we have the opportunity to re-make the decision without being trapped by past trauma.

The whole session is based on "muscle testing (MT)". We ask questions; the body provides the answer because the body never lies.

Step 1 - Identify Highest Priority Intention (HPI) - simply meaning what would you like to happen or accomplish during the session? Sometimes what you say is just the symptoms on the surface, and something more important and fundamental is underneath it.

Step 2 - Releasing roadblock - What blocked your HPI come true? 

Step 3 & 4 - Find the story and balance the block. Physical body affects the emotions; vice versa. The mind and body always connect to each other. Professionally guide the client to connect the body with physical body sensation, where allows us to find a story, followed by the "Intervention" which releases blocked energy and emotions stuck in the body. 

Step 5 - Affirm HPI is balanced and access learning. 

Life Centered Therapy enables to balance the entire problem and situation, compared to the other healing method that only works for one symptom at a time. Life Center Therapy is more effective.

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