Foundation of Long Lasting Change

Mindset, Motivation, Method

3Ms for becoming limitless are applicable to any situation where you’re trying to change, grow, learn or challenge yourself.

Limitless Mindset.png

The Limitless Model ~
from Jim Kwik’s book "

Let’s break these down: 

  1. Mindset: this is the WHAT you’re trying to do and your thoughts and beliefs surrounding whether this is possible or not. Mindset is made up of beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes we hold about ourselves and the world around us. Remember -  “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re usually right ~Henry Ford

  2. Motivation: this is WHY – motivation is the reason behind what you’re trying to do (or not to do) and what you’re hoping to gain.

  3. Method: this is the HOW – your process / methods / strategy and techniques to actually get you from A to B.

A person might be incredibly motivated to lose weight, but after a lifetime of unhealthy habits and no clue of how to actually do this, they’re unlikely to be successful. Another person might know exactly what to do, but simply not have the mindset or motivation to actually do it.


These three things are the building blocks upon which we can build steady, lasting change. Take one away though and everything crumbles.


If you’re facing a difficult challenge right now, ask yourself: Do I have the 1) mindset, 2) motivation and 3) effective method in place to actually achieve this? If not, then at least you can start working on whichever M is missing.

I definitely could help and provide Methods and change your Mindset as well as beliefs; however, the Motivation is the only thing you need to figure it out on our own.


Miracles only happens when you’re open, willing, able and ready!