Am I cursed?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

In the past 10 years, I’ve become happier and calmer and it really takes a lot to put me in a bad mood. The healing circle is a group of people doing healing as a whole and it can also focus on one person if needed. The healing circle can reveal something unexpected underneath our subconscious that we don’t even aware of. On that very day I remembered everyone sharing their feelings, and I resonated with wordings. I said " Sometimes I just feel deeply sad for no reason. The harder I tried; the harder it gets. It could last days without reasons. If I know the reason, at least I know how and what to do. It's with me now, inexplicable sorrows running through my body and I felt so sad.”

Muscle test pointed out that my feeling was related to a certain pattern. The first thought that came into my head was something probably related to my trauma in childhood or in a past life. Guess what? It turned out to be "I am cursed in my early 30s, this lifetime”. I really can’t believe it and I asked myself “Is that even possible?” I am never mean to anyone or hurt somebody intentionally.

When I dropped into the story through the body sensation, I knew who he/she was and it’s hard for me to accept the fact. That person’s feelings were completely transferred into my body and I could felt that person’s rage, sorrow, heartbreak and despair. I could understand maybe he/she got mad or felt very discomfort, but cursed me? I refused to accept the fact; even I tried 3 times I still couldn’t get to know the whole story. If I had not discovered the curse this way, honestly deep down I didn’t even want to know it at all! Without the complete story, I can’t un-cruse it, but I believe there is a way out somewhere.

A few weeks after returning home, I was meditating in a high-frequency state of joy. Out of blue that curse came to my mind. I said to the universe " Curse, I’m not afraid of you and I know I can resolve it. Just bring it on!!!" All of sudden I felt extremely uncomfortable energy flowing through all over my body. My body was shaking and I almost vomited. I was not joking because I was in a high state of joy just a second ago. I felt his/her feeling again. I told him/her " It's totally okay, I can understand your feelings, your fear, and your anger. I know LOVE is more powerful than everything. I’m not angry nor blame you because I know you don't mean to curse or hurt me, but your feeling/thoughts are so strong, which caused the harm. Everything is going to be just fine. This shall pass!!!” Then I used all the methods I knew to dissolve discomfort and expelled the energy out of my body. It took me about 10 minutes. There is no word that can describe the whole process - fully understanding, forgiving and joyful. I still clearly feel and remember it. A few months passed, I no longer have any inexplicable sadness.

Whether you believe it or not, thoughts and intentions are very powerful. What you give and what you get in return by the Universe. In the past I didn’t believe any of this, however in the past few years I start to feel and see the energy, and to sense people’s thoughts and feelings. Now I knew it’s real. I remind myself all the time to connect with others with love and kindness.

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