Honey, I can take flights now....(親愛的我終於敢坐飛機了!)

Updated: Jun 26, 2019


Taking flight is very common to many people, but for some people it's almost impossible , or even nightmare, so do speak. The reason of not being able to take airplane may arise from certain accident. If not, most likely it is caused by stress or fear...it's sort of transformation of fear and stress. People travel and take flights, if one member of the family is not able to do this, it limits their selection of travelling.

This case here was she hadn't been on the plane for nearly 10 years. The car was flipping in a car accident. Right after she recovered she took the flight that was very very bumpy, which reminded her of THAT very car accident - the shocking experience connected with flight taking. After that, she never had the courage to the flight again.

This time I utilized hypnosis technique (I have several methods for get ride of fear and anxiety. Hypnosis is only one of them.) The whole process was very difficult. Only let her "imagine herself" on the airplane - her whole body had syndromes of 1) difficulty breathing 2) hands shaking and sweaty 3) feet not able to move. WHAT IF she is really on the airplane?

We dealt with each syndrome with associated emotions. The first part of hard time breathing had about 10 obstacles, and not to mention the second and the third syndrome. In this situation, all we can do is "be patient" and "be there for her with love". Helped her overcome blockages one after another, one after another.

This girl was so cute. The syndrome of difficult breathing became "the heart with angle wings"; the shaking and sweaty hands turned into "hands wore magical gloves"; the feet not able to move worked together with "the heart with angle wings" and "the hands wearing magical gloves", so 3 of them cooperated and could quickly leave any uncomfortable situation! In the end, we even had this very last resort - three of them could take the golden skateboard to fly away, as fast as the light speed IF necessary. The whole process took about an hour and a half; then she overcame the fear of flight taking.

You may be curious, how do I know she is not afraid anymore? I asked her "What does it feel like if you were in the airplane now?" She said "I am reading quietly!" I asked "How about the symptoms?" She said, "It’s ALL gone!" It’s just like letting yourself imagine standing on the cliff, people with fear of height would start to feel scared, legs get weak, hands start shaking and heartbeat accelerate. This is exactly the same situation!

Both of us are extremely happy with the result. This fear bothered her almost 10 years, and we completely made it go away within two hours!

In fact, any fear, anxiety and stress can all be cured; as long as you are willing to face it and deal with it.

~~~ Welcome to make appointment with me; let's overcome your fear together~~~


這次主要用催眠的手法來協助她(對於治癒恐懼我有幾個方法,催眠只是其中之一),整個過程只能用困難重重來形容。請她先『想像』在飛機上,只是想像,就足以讓她1)呼吸困難、喘不過氣 2)手非常抖 3)腳不太能動,更不用說如果現在就坐在飛機上。







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