What happened to me? (我究竟怎麼了?)

Updated: Jul 13, 2019


When facing pain, whether It’s physical or emotional. People are tended to “fly or fight” mode. It’s absolutely normal as human being choose to distract, neglect, deny our pain, or even take painkillers. But it’s not the real solution to make the pain go away. As long as we can still bear the pain, normally we choose to use our mind to control it or use drugs to suppress it. Until someday, we no longer endure the pain, or when it becomes a serious disease to crush us. Then we are starting and willing to understand ourselves and to care for our own pain.

The body can take tremendous stress, anger, pain and so on. In these 1-2 years learned to connect my emotion with my body sensation. Then I realized that we are not only not to love ourselves but also are harsh on ourselves in every possible way. Here when I said “we don't love ourselves” – it means mentally, NOT physically.

In this case, she has a lot of trauma and has suppressed her feelings for many years. My heart hurt even just listening her stories. I can't imagine how she has been through and come this far. She is willing to open her heart to me and deal with it. In the past few years, she felt so weak and also went to see the doctors, tried energy healing, tapping and so on. But nothing could help her. Even it did, just for very short period of time. She can’t recover and all she wants just a little – to have her fully strength back and have normally life like everyone else.

I believe the reason to cause her physical body weak is some trauma. But there are so many, which direction? What it is?

In the past six months, I found out that I’ve begun to integrate what I have learned in past 6~7 years and become my own method. I combine hypnosis with quantum touch. In hypnosis I combine self-guided healing; in Life Centered Therapy, I add hypnosis and energy heal – Quantum Touch. As for what method to use, it depends on client’s need and conditions. And more often, when I have NO direction at all, I trust my intuition to guide me and help the client.

Finally we found her wounds..... It turned out that she buried herself in deep regret. A very close relative of hers past away. She couldn’t make it to see him in the very last day. She didn't allow herself to think of him, nor did allow herself to have any happiness. Even though she "never had the thought” of being weak. But her "subconscious mind made a choice" for her. If her physical body was weak and she was unable to do things she likes and wants, so she couldn't be happy!

I explained it to her at first, but she couldn't fully understand it at first. So I asked her: "When does your body start to getting weak? And when did you lost him? She suddenly realized ~~~~When I left her house, she felt much better and become stronger physically. I’m so happy for her and so pride of her. And happy that I can help her out.

In a lot of situations our brain and mind can't understood why we’re getting sick. It only makes sense when we go deeper into our subconscious and soul level to figure that out. In the process of healing myself, I love myself more and understand myself more. Most importantly I have much more "empathy" to understand people and put myself in their positions. We’re all human being and all we want is to be loved and accepted – no matter who we are. It’s unconditional love. I’m so happy that I can start to help the others now.

And how much do you love yourself?

面對疼痛,不論是身體或心裡層面,人很本能展現出「戰或逃」的本能,舉凡分散注意力、 忽視不理會、否認、或是吃止痛藥,但這些都是治標不治本的方式。只要疼痛還在我們「忍受範圍」內,我們會用我的頭腦、心智來對抗它,或用藥物來抑制它。直到某一天無法再忍受那疼痛,或是轉變成嚴重的疾病,將我們擊潰,我們才開始願意去了解自己,去關懷自己的傷痛。













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