Finally I successfully lost weight....(我終於甩肉成功啦!)

Updated: Jun 26, 2019


Weight reduction/maintenance for most women are forever tasks. When it comes to hypnosis, the first question people asked is "Can hypnosis really help you lose weight?"The answer is YES!!! Personal opinion ~ weight reduction is more difficult than quitting smoking because there are many reasons involved about obesity. Most of time emotional eating/drinking and restrict beliefs are the main reason.

This beautiful mother likes everythings to be perfect. She gradually gain 5-7 pounds when her metabolism slow down. She tried so many methods but never succeed. Even she did lose couple pounds, she would have them back very soon. She obviously had the symptoms of emotional eating and felt huge pressure in life that caused her stomach often. Whenever she had strong setbacks, anxiety, stress, worries, sadness... feeling, she couldn't help but eat to release those emotional feeling.

I told her in order to have an effective result; we need to find out the real reasons behind those emotional eating. If we just do focus on weight loss without dealing with the reasons behind it, the result won't last. Unless you can consciously determine when, what and how much to eat; or you would never lose weight. For the first 2 sessions, we healed "wounded child" and did "age regression", covering her age from 4 ~28 years old. There are a lot of low self-esteem, self-doubt and self-confidence and insecurity involved, plus her personality of being perfect all the time, which cause her great the pressure with body discomfort.

After the first 2 sessions, she said "I no longer have any stomach pain which I had for a long time. My husband also noticed my change. I can be more relaxed dealing with things happened in my life and more relaxed with my family, especially husband and children. It's okay not to be perfect all the times now. I can enjoy my life more, but my weight was't lose a bit!"

I said "Of course, I haven't dealt with your weight loss yet! You noticed you have more conscious control with eating and have more willpower on food, right?". She said "Yes, I sure do!".

So the 3rd and 4th sessions, we were focused on weight reduction hypnosis. It's in a relaxed trance state so I could give post-suggestions to her subconscious mind directly. All the suggestions were what she wanted after discussion and my observation from 1st and 2nd sessions, including what to eat, not to eat, exercise, when she had emotional feeling, she would choose to do house chores or something she ought to do but never did....etc. She was very cooperative with too. Usually most people listen the recording few times a week (the purpose is to sink into your subscious mind and build a new habit) instead of daily I recommend. She listened twice a day, sometimes she fell asleep while listening (it still has effects). After 4 weeks or so, she successfully lost 5 pounds and sustained the weight without problem. In the beginning the purpose is to lose weight only. It came with other benefits - she feels happier, more relaxed, calmer, enjoys life more and no longer has stomach pain. Lately she posted her photos with bikini and she looks fabulous!!! She also told me "hypnosis was totally different from what she thought. It was a very relaxing process. She was surprised the power of AGE REGRESSION and thought something happened in the past she had no power over it or could changed it either, but she did change something after that hypnosis.

Summer is here, do you want to lose weight?




我建議她減重要有效果,必須先從她的情緒下手,不會情緒性吃東西 (就是能「有意識」的選擇吃或不吃),再來做減重效果才會好。若只做減重,效果會打折扣,也不持久。第1~2次的催眠我們就先做「內在小孩的療癒」與「兒時回溯」,療癒從幼稚園開始,念書時期,一直到出社會,裡頭有很多的沒有自信與不安全感。加上追求完美的個性,搞得壓力很大,身體常有不舒服的情況。



於是第3~4次的療程,就專注於催眠減重,就是一般大家比較知道覺讓身體放鬆,然後對潛意識直接下指令,這些指令可是我詢問她想要的方式,加上前幾個療程對她的了解,精心寫出來的,包含吃什麼,不吃什麼、運動,情緒上來會去做家事或是她該做但提不勁的事....等。她也是配合度非常高的個案,一般人一天聽一次錄音 (目的是讓你的潛意識接受並建立新習慣) 我就覺得很不錯了,她一天聽二次,雖然有時會聽到睡著 (效果還是有的)。大概4個多星期後,她成功的甩掉至少5磅的重量,目前也都維持的很好。重點是原本是只是想做催眠減重,她不但瘦下來,心情與情緒上的改善與轉變是她另一很大的收獲,整個人都覺得自在、輕鬆了。最近看她泳裝美極了,想說她還要減那2磅嗎?另外她也說,催眠跟她想的不一樣,是一個很放鬆過程,她很訝異「兒時回溯」的力量,以為發生過往的事件與感覺是無法改變的!


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