Is That Even Possible to Love Myself?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

MeiMei had never liked her appearance, even in her most fit condition. She has been seeking something/someone to fulfill her incomplete feeling but never succeed. She is not easy to fall asleep, even she does, the sleep quality is poor. She focuses on her kids like most moms, with little time interacting with her husband. The more she tries to love herself, the harder it gets. She has gradually lost patience with her children and is on the edge of emotional outbursts often. It seems that things are going to totally opposite direction of what she expects. Like most of people, shopping, sweet or food are stimulus to make her released, happy and relaxed. Are you her?

She was worried when she came to me because she had no experience in any session. After a 30-minute free consultation, she wanted to have a try. From situations she described above, we utilized it as a doorway to find her corresponding physical body sensations, which helped us find out the “root cause story, where the traumas originate. She felt choked and couldn’t breathe at all. We went to a theme that she was so familiar with when she was little and thought she handling well. How could it be an issue? She asked! At that moment she was totally breakdown. Every word of her father said to her before like a knife penetrated into her heart and stabbed her deeply and hurt like the hell. Her dad teased she was fat, ugly, never good enough…etc.. She felt so angry and her chest felt like the volcano waiting for the outburst. This heat and anger stuck and trapped in her body. Even though rationally she understood why her father said something like that, emotionally she never handled/integrated well, even she wanted to after she grew up. That heavy dense energy still stuck inside of her body. She knew her father loved her but used the wrong way to express. He hoped she became better and never ended like him. He didn’t know what he said caused her dramatic pain. Can you see the conflict between the mind and body? They are two extreme!!!

We went back to the time when the incident happened, let her inner child made peace with her father. She finally could forgive her father and was willing to let things go. Finally, she can take a nice long "deep breath" which she had not been able to for a long time. What a relief!

About 1 week after the session, MeiMei told me her changes. She could do things below effortlessly. It happens so naturally, like a miracle.

  1. The biggest change: she feels calmer and has a peaceful of mind most of time compared to before. She becomes joyful when she is with the kids.

  2. She used to feel like making improvements all the time, but now when she looks herself in the mirror, she doesn’t feel discomfort nor upset.

  3. She tended to resolve her anxiety through food, but now there is no need for her to do that in the past week.

  4. She can accept the way she is, not the way people expect her to be.

I hope this article can help people understand what kind of service or assistance they can get from here. In most of situation our mind and subconsciousness are two extremes and even conflict. That’s why people need professional help.

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