Quantum Touch (量子觸療 - 頸部骨刺與胃食道逆流)

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

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I was very surprised of my energy having great improvement since last July. I can utilize it faster and stronger. Of course, practice makes perfect. Also I found out my energy go into next level right after unraveling of my life's issues.. It's just like clearing the mud on the river. I can feel my energy accelerated and increased when I do meditation.

Last December I went back to Taiwan to visit family and friend and also practiced on them. I always got great result. My mom got the most benefit. She had bone spurs on her neck and she had been doing physical therapy for more than 3 months with very little improvement. Bone spurs resulted in pinched nerve in her left hand. She felt great pain when I touched her left hand. She couldn't twist the little towel either! Every day I run energy on her about 30 minutes. I was happily surprised how fast she recovered.

After 1st day - she said she could start turn her neck with little pain, but hand still painful.

2nd day - she said her neck could turn easily and left hand was with less pain.

3rd day - she said pain on left hand was pretty much gone and she could twist towel.

4th day - she was pretty much recovered and asked me to run ergy on her before going out.

After her neck pain, I started to run energy on her another issue - gastroesophageal reflux, which she suffered for couple years. I probably 8~10 times including long distance healing due to returned to USA. She told me last month that acid reflux was stabilized and she felt much better.

Even my mom couldn't feel my energy unlike my the other family and friend, but the result was still good.

I also run energy on my grandpa, who is 94 year old. Due to bad blood circulation, he barley felt his toes and couldn't move a bit. My cute grandpa started to moving his toes while I run energy on him. He also said it felt warm and very comfortable. The whole process was about 30 min.

I'm 100% sure my energy healing works, but I'm more curious how much more surprises it will bring to me.

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PS. IF you're sick pls go to see the doctor and consult them. Energy healing is to assist people to heal themselves more quickly.














PS. 雖然我喜歡也贊成這種能量療法,但不舒服或生病,一定要看醫生,這個可以輔助搭配。

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