Can we just be friends? 只想當朋友

Updated: Oct 24, 2019


Most of us including me had experience that knowing someone wasn't right fit but you jsut can't leave. Your ration is disconnected with your emotion. So does my client!

Her Highest Priority Intention: Treat her colleague just like ordinary friend. Emotions are not affected by him.

Muscle testing showed she had 2 layers of patterns. 1st pattern was "Fractured Boundaries Pattern" and underneath is "Reversed Belief Pattern".

My client told me that she never thought her father had such great impact on her life until this session. She grew up in a single family and never met her father. She doesn't even know subconsciously she feet not wanted and unlovable. She also had belief that "Extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow". The interaction with her colleague triggered her childhood belief of not wanted and unlovable. If I wasn't good enough? That's why I wan't important? That's why he treated me like this? Only after unblocking this bottom layer pattern, we could effectively deal with "Fractured Boundaries Pattern", which occurs when a person has had a significant trauma that it fractures the person's energy field.

Muscle testing also showed it occured at her age 11 and related to parents. My client however had no clue of what happened then. Through body sensation, she told me a story: Without father's help, her mom took care of whole family including her grandma, the sister and cousins. Mom worked very hard with no one help. She was angry at herself and every single person living with her. She felt/saw herself sitting in front of desk in her childhood room where exactly reminded her of age 11. ( The process of Life Centered Therapy brings you to the "root cause story" is very similar like the trance in hypnotherapy. )

My client told me she never thought her father had such great impact on her life b'coz they never met. However the fact was so far away from what she thought. Certain memories she no long remembered also had deeply and invisibly affected her life.

After a month, she told me she could see through the relationship with her colleague; he has less and less influences on her. What a therapist does is to help the client find out the problem they're stuck and see through it. After all, everyone has to make their own decision.

Every session in order to have long lasting healing result, I'll balance your energy with the intervention(s) after we find the root caused story.

I'm here to be with you and help you!



肌肉測試告訴我:她無法做到的原因受雙重障礙模式影響 。


兒時沒有父親的陪伴,加上成長環境,一個無形的信念一直跟隨著她,那就是「沒有人想要我,我是不被愛的」,有這信念的她,當然是"無意識的"。同時她也有「我不能太快樂,因為快樂之後就會有災難發生」。與那異性的互動,引發年幼深埋在心裡的感受「是不是因為我不好,所以他才不重視我?才會用這樣的態度對我?所以我不重要、我是不被愛的!」。理智因為這深層的無意識信念才無法控制自己的情感,才會這麼糾結。這層解開後,我們才能有效處理上層的「破裂的界限障礙模式」:指的是當一個人受到重大創傷後 以致於他的能量場受到破壞,能量會不斷的流失。







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