Letting go~~~(終於可以放手了~~~)

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

(Chinese is underneath)

Life is like a movie; everyone is creating and experiencing their own lives in a unique way. We often use our own life experience to look at the stories of others, so we fall into the trap of right and wrong or misunderstanding situation. We have forgotten that "every soul has its own experience, so no one is absolutely right or absolutely wrong." Take your kindness and love to feel true meaning behind every single story.

This girl told me that anything she wants to do, she could do it and make it happen, except one thing. There is a man, whom she has been in love with for years. She knows he isn't right fit and tries to break up so many time. She could never make it happen and suffers a lot from it. She feels painful and helpless. We all have such kind of friend like this girl around us. It sounds so familiar, isn't it?

She said "I know I have so much father kind of feeling toward him and tries leave him, but it never succeed."

While she was telling me the stories, I utilize hypnosis metaphor technique to deal with this issue.

She said "There is a thick, bulky, dark gold chain that is binding me so tight and I can't breath."

I asked "Do you want to cut that chain?"

She hesitated...then she said, "I want to burn it with fire and have no ash left."

When she tried to burn the chain, she cried badly and said "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,....!"She told me that the sorry is not for that man but for her father instead. It seems by burning that bulky chain she would lost connection with her father, which make her so terrified and scared.

Have you seen the real issue here? She had a lot of father's projections in that man and tried to have his love to make up the love she never had from her father. Without disconnect father's feeling with that man, it would be impossible to leave that man. That's why no matter how hard she tried, she could never leave him.

After pined point the problem, it's easier to complete with healing part. After session she said: "It's been such long time to not to have such kind of feeling, free and relaxed."

This work made me more empathetic and compassionate. We're all come to learn on earth.






我問:「你想剪斷它嗎?」 她猶豫了......然後她說:「我確定,我不想要那鐵鍊了,但我想要用火狠狠的燒,燒的一乾二淨,一點灰燼也不想剩」。





這工作讓我更有同理心與慈悲心,我學會丟掉自己的偏光鏡 ,每一個人都是來地球學習的。

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