Sessions and Energy Healing Can Be Done through Video 

So many incurable diseases are often the result of trauma. This includes, domestic violence, sexual assault, partner affair, major loss of loved ones, bullying... and so on. Traumas can present as great physical pain, strong emotions and affects our energy on all levels. If the energy of the past trauma is not released, it accumulates in the body over time and it can present as mental and physical illness. That's why it's so hard to get diagnosed by the doctors. We need to include the mind, body and spirit in our healing process. Once the emotional energy produced by the trauma is released, the pain would naturally go away and the body recovers itself. Finding the primitive trauma and balancing the emotional energy are key to healing our physical and mental discomfort.

We can choose how we react, but we can't change or control the behavior of others. We only need to be responsible for our own reactions to master our emotions. Easier said than done, right?  We are never taught how to deal with our emotions as we learn and grow. We therefore, suppress emotions that can become a problem later in life.

I use different methods to help you go into the subconscious mind and let yourself be the witness to past events. By healing past traumas it can change limited self-beliefs, the choices you make and your view on life. You can say goodbye to the pain, resentment, self-blame, self-doubt and guilt from the past. 

The way to get your true self back is to heal past trauma.

The three methods that I use include Life Center Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. The methodology you choose depends on each individual situation and what wants to be healed. We may use one or more of these methods. My goal is to help each client in the most effective way for their highest healing and good.

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