What Clients Say About "Hypnosis"​

M. L.

After “wounded child” session, I got to know more about myself and understood the emptiness in my heart. I finally knew what caused it. I’ve accumulated lots of grudge, resentment, dissatisfaction, and discomfort for a long time. After session, the ice in my heart slowly melted, and the dirty hair ball was removed as well!

I felt lighter and happier. What I told you earlier were no big deal at all.

Thank you for accompanying through my darkest time.

R. H.

I thought he wound in my heart as long as I convince myself not to care or choose not to face it, it would be repaired and recovered. When I was hypnotized, I was shocked with my unstoppable tears. I really believe my body knows how I felt and endures all my unhappiness.

I didn’t feel like to be hypnotized, it is really amazing! I thought those suppressed memories of things I cared went away, but it didn’t. It deeply stored my body and subconscious. It’s still there and I just ignored it and pretend nothing really mattered. I was very happy and felt amazing and surprised at what hypnosis could do. I felt released and really could let things go after session ~ Thank you!

S. H.

I’m an immigrant and a full-time mother with two children. Under tremendous pressure of trying to integrate into American life and educating children, I was exhausted and felt tired every day. I found myself unconsciously grabbing food to eat even I wasn’t hungry at all. I especially addicted to the junk food like sweets, fried food and chips. I felt only those food could comfort me. However, it came with It upset stomach all the time with bad temper which could burst anytime.

After hypnotherapy with Vivian, the disturbing stomachache amazingly went away. My original plan was to do weight reduction. With her professional experience, Vivian recommended me to cure my wounded child first, then do weight loss. She helped me cure that wounded little girl, who had no confidence at all and trapped me in old behavioral patterns as an adult. I realized in order to make a different decision; I have to help the inner child. Within ten days after the first class, I didn't lose weight a bit, but it cured my long-term stomach pain. After that, Vivian focused on my weight loss. About a month and a half, I finally lost five pounds that I couldn’t reduce before no matter what I did or how hard I tried. I become happier and confident now. And my husband happily said “Vivian helped our family out and disarmed the bomb!”.

What Clients Say About "Life Centered Therapy"​

S. W.

I had a very good session with Vivian. I worked with her on tense muscles and pain. Vivian is very professional, empathetic and thoughtful. She was able to adapt the session to my needs to make it even more comfortable. I learned about the emotional component of my pain and tension and working through that brought a great relief emotionally and physically. I can now realize when those emotions come up and help myself not to get caught in old patterns. I learned good methods to bring into my daily life. Thank you for this experience. The recognition of the emotional aspect of my issue was especially valuable for me and I certainly learned for life.

M. H.

Vivian is a wonderful healer. She’s very knowledgeable, resourceful, and very committed. In my Life-Centered Therapy session with her, she helped me to become empowered and gain a new perspective. After the session, I felt a significant shift in how I feel about myself. My pain was reduced greatly and my energy level went up significantly. Highly recommended!

L. T

Vivian, thank you! This is a wonderful healing process. Your love and acceptance made me feel safe to open myself and face my problems. Thank you for helping me find that “stuck story"; it is really amazing. After session, I feel more energetic mentally and physically and I can be more comfortable being my true self.

What Clients Say About "Energy Healing"​

G. P.

Didn't have any expectation and just had a try.  Can't believe it worked!


The doctor said I need crutches to help me to walk for another 2 weeks. After 40 min. session, I didn't feel any change. But after 6-7 hours I didn't need crutches to walk when I returned home. Your energy worked!